Hello there!

Welcome to my online journal. I’m Nazta, a 19 years old-muslim girl who live in the border of Depok and Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. It’s not a big district, there’s no high building and there’s still many trees and ‘green’ view, but it’s beautiful and relaxed me when I tired. I live with my mama and my little sister, Kiza. Both of them are lovely people. I’m a student of Public Relations Department in The London School of Public Relations Jakarta.

I love writing so much. Here I write every little things I like and I want to share. Every thing I’ve got and what do I feel. This blog contains not only random post but sometimes I write movie and book review, short story, poems even recipes. I started to post in English since my 100th post, and still post in Bahasa Indonesia sometimes (for movie and book review, poems and short stories I prefer to write in Bahasa Indonesia 🙂 ). I’m not really good at English but I learn to make it right, so I’ll be pleased if you could correct me if there’s mistaken in my post.

Beside this blog, I have another blog that contains of pictures, quotes, and another short post, you can click here if you want to visit it. That blog is a shortcut to get to be here in easiest and fastest way :D. Well if you want to contact me, you could send me an email by fill the form here or you could follow me on twitter or add me as your friend in facebook. Another way to contact me, the easiest way you could do is, leave a comment in post you liked or read. I love make a new friends and I’ll be love to read what you think about me and this blog.

Well, that’s all for me, enjoy your trip to my journal 🙂

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