My Short Trip With Laras

Posted on September 2, 2012


Yesterday, I promised to tell you my trip to YARSI University, right? Well, this post is a short about that trip.

Actually, both of me and Laras already planned to visit our college. Laras wants to visit my college, and so do I. But this holiday, Laras invited me to her college, which is YARSI University first. To be honest, this campus makes me so comfortable. There’s about 12 floor building, which will amazed you at the first sight. I can tell you like that because seriously this campus neat and clean and also the security and all the maintenance crew was so friendly. Because it was holiday, we met only some of them but Laras told me about the situation like it used to when there’s a schedule that day.

We arrived at about 9.30 a.m. Laras told me there will be an orientation for new students that day, and her club, LDK KAHFI (one of student club in YARSI University which concentrated in Islam) will promoted the club to the new student. Last year, she said, they showed a drama and that was great. This year, LDK KAHFI presented a short scene of news, where there were two news anchor reported some news about LDK KAHFI itself. Laras wants to show me about the “short show” and I felt so lucky to be there.

Beside watched the show, Laras also guided me walked around YARSI University. She took me to one to another place in YARSI University and give me some trivia and story about it. I felt like I was in a tour trip. A wonderful trip. She also introduced me to her friends in the same club. Now I have more friends there and I love it. Laras took some pictures of me, which I like and I really want to keep it.

me and my new friends in YARSI University, they’re really friendly 🙂 I’m so glad to meet you

Well, how’s that? I really want to visit YARSI University again in another time. I wish I could. Seriously, if I can I will repeat that day. It was… well I couldn’t finish my word, but I told you already, I LOVE IT! I love the trip, I love my holiday! So sad me and Laras didn’t take any pictures 😦

Normally, Laras doesn’t have such a long holiday like this, but this time, I really thank God that she had long holiday. And also, Alhamdulillah, I always say to Allah that Allah gives me such a great people surround me. Laras is one of those great people. I spent this holiday with my greatest friends. Laras is one of them too.

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