Posted on September 1, 2012


In every holiday, long holiday usually held on our second semester, I always set some free times to meet my friends. This holiday, which held in the same time in Ramadhan, I felt really lucky because I could set my times to meet my friends. Last post I’ve posted told you how I had so much fun with my high school friend, Laras. This post will be the summary of my holiday.

Meeting could be too formal to represent what we’ve done in holiday. But yes, me and my friends always utilize at least a day in our holiday to meet each other. To set up our meeting sometimes isn’t as easy as it looks like. We have different schedule and we must have at least a day, same day, to meet each other. That’s what I always done with my childhood friends, Kiki, Fetti and Dara.

So, on Wednesday, 8 August 2012, we met in Depok and started our short holiday. First, we went to Warung Pasta, booked a place for us to break fasting that day and went to Margo City. It was a tiring day. We took so many picture and laugh a lot there until 5 p.m. After that, we went to Warung Pasta again. Warung Pasta kind a cozy place to hang out with your friends. Recommendable to students since they have good place to hang out, delicious pasta and pizza to taste and also worth price to spend.

We also took pictures, so many pictures there. Well, these are my favorite pictures..

Two days after that, in 10 August 2012 there’s another break-fasting event which held by my high school friend, Nadhil. Nadhil has been pass her high school in the same program as mine, which is language program. If you read my previous post, the old one, you’ll know that we, in the language program named ourselves as “COLAPS”. I don’t really know where the name “COLAPS” comes from. I think either our friend Icha or Chintya named it. But I’m pretty sure that the name “COLAPS” stand for Community of Language People.

Well, back to the event, the event ran well. Nadhil’s mom sure be the best chef that day. She made us delicious food ever. There we celebrated the birthday of Lia and Yustira. They both seems so surprised when we yelled a Happy Birthday song with two piece of cakes. There, we also took some pictures, as always 😀

There were some meeting after that. in August 16th there’s a break-fasting event again, held by my teacher in high school. She invited me to join her event. There’s some friends went there too, such as Anis, Puji and Widya. Puji gave me a present that day. A pretty brooch in my favorite color, orange.

In the next day, I met Husnul, Nadhil, Ayang, Novi and Virgi in McD Cibinong. Another break-fasting and reunion event again. It’s been a long time since last time I met them. Honestly, last year, Husnul invited me to an event but sadly I can’t join them. There’s a lot changes of them. They grown up, prettier than before but still they’re friendly friend.

Actually there’s another event after that.. But it’s already 11 p.m. here and I should sleep. Tomorrow, I InshaAllah I will tell you about my trip to YARSI University yesterday. It  was really awesome and I really really want to share it with all of you.. 🙂

Have a great weekend!