Short Post About My Disappearance

Posted on August 10, 2012


Hello there! How’s your fasting?

First of all, I would like to say sorry that I didn’t write any story here since a long time ago (last time I post a book review on July 2012, it’s Skulduggery Pleasant). The reason why I didn’t write here could be vary. I have books to read, recipe to try, friends and family who makes me so busy and so many things to do. I do really want to write some story here, but when I had free time, the problems goes to my internet connection. Yes, bad internet connection is one of my reason, other things could be because I can’t manage my time well. I really sorry, I feel bad that I didn’t post anything since July.

So many stories I want to tell you. Well, several days ago, in August 3rd 2012, my friend Laras went to my house. Laras is one of my high school friends. She’s smart, different, original, friendly, and always have something fun to do. When we’re in high school we used to spend our recess time together, talked about anything we liked. Music probably the most topic we had.

Laras and me had something to do that day. We made cookies, sugar cookies, that finally I made the right royal icing and sweet cookies named scrumpies or squimpyes (well, I’m not sure how to spell it, Laras said it was scrumpies but other friend said it was squimpyes). Anyway this sweet cookies tasted really sweet and tasty, plus I think this sweet cookies is easy to make. we just need white eggs and some icing sugar, could be confectioners sugar (confectioners sugar is another name of powdered sugar and icing sugar, they’re same but here I prefer to refine granulated sugar), blend them until the eggs fluffy and add some lemon juice,  one or two tea spoons and coffee if you like, you could add various flavor such as chocolate, peanut, strawberry puree or any sweets things you like, just add one table spoon of them and mix them together until it’s fluffy. After that form them into parchment paper and baked in 100 degrees of c. And violaaa.. :9

My holiday went smooth and well so far. How’s yours?

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