Happy Birthday Rizka!

Posted on May 9, 2012


7th May 2012, probably the best day of Rizka since she was turned into 20th that day. Me, Oky and Novi already planned something to do on her birthday, we’re planned to do a little surprise but not on her birthday. With the help of Riyan, today we run our  plan, after school. It was really touched me and I’m so excited we’ve been doing this.

HBR means Happy Birthday Rizka and she loves cupcakes, that’s why we bought this pretty cupcakes for her

birthday present and birthday cupcakes

the sweetest present she’s got today is… roses from Riyan!

we took so many pictures, I’m so excited!

Happy Birthday once again, Rizka..

Our best pray will always with you. We probably couldn’t give what you want and what’d you expected as materials, but inshaAllah we’ll be there whenever you need someone to talk to. We love you!

Tons of kisses and hugs,


Novi, Oky, Tasya

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