My First Sugar Cookies: Failure To Be Learned

Posted on April 9, 2012


It looks pretty, isn’t it? But the result isn’t as pretty as the appearance.

I told you already, I really interested to sugar cookies. So yesterday, I decided to try it out. At first, I thought it will be my greatest first cookies, but after all, in the first half hour after it’s baked I admit it was a failure. Not a big failure but it’s enough to say that I put wrong measurement of something I don’t know. So, I think I wont share the ingredients now 😦

Well, what happened is my cookies texture isn’t like usual cookies. The icing isn’t as I expected too, too much sugar for cookies but too little for it’s icing. But I think there’s no big problem on the taste. Some of my friend said that it’s delicious enough and it’s pretty of course, some of them said that it’s weird. O, my facebook friend, Ms. Yella taught me how to make the icing. She said that I must add little more sugar if I want to make it more thick and also vinegar.

My mistake I substituted some ingredients which, of course, will affect to the result. I also didn’t add baking powder to my cookies.

So, from this half-failure-but-pretty sugar cookies, which is my first sugar cookies, I’ve got so many comments and knowledge. I will try another sugar cookies and I will try to make it right. I’ll note and bold, underline if it’s necessary: Do not replace the ingredients with another which you don’t know what it is for, and please add the right measurement into it. Be more careful next time. Wish me luck for the next sugar cookies. I can’t wait to try it again 😀

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