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Posted on April 7, 2012


Should I change the title into “Things I Love Part 1” instead of that because probably there will be part 2? Hehehe, kidding, there will be part 2 but not now 🙂 Too much things I love in this world 😀

I am terribly sorry that I post my personal journal more than any others categories recently. I have nothing to do in this 2 days just browsing all day long, and I found some pictures I’ve taken in the past. Some of them are my favorites which I want to share it here. I know it’s been a long time since I did photography hunt, but I think this should be great to know what things I like, here at my little house.

So, here we are, at my computer’s pictures document. What I’ve found? Check this out..

T H E   S H O E S

Shoes: Airwalk white, Convers green army
photographer: Nazta Saari
EOS 550D 38mm ISO-400 f/4.5 1/100 sec.

Well, those are my favorite shoes. Not the brand but the type. I love wearing out sneakers, shoes with it’s shoelace is the best thing to wear on my foot. Why? It’s comfortable. I didn’t said that I hate wearing high heels and another kind of shoes but sneakers and all shoes with it’s shoelace is my favorite shoes! By the way this picture was taken a few weeks ago, the same time when I cooked chicken breast (click here to see my first tasty chicken breast)


Fusilli With Cheesy Tuna Souce
photographer: Nazta Saari
EOS 550D 106mm ISO-6400 f/5.6 1/25 sec.

Pastaa! Not just pasta, I adore all tasty food! But I admit that I cook pasta more often than another food. It’s easy and quick 😀


 Nazta Saari's Self Portrait

And the last one is my favorite spot on my room. See how interested me on music and books? Hahaha.. I know the picture isn’t that good. Plus my room looks little bit mess. But I love siting there all time. I can play guitar, read books, browsing and blogging there.

Well that’s all, not all, I’ll continue latter -I have to go. Show me what things you like. I’ll visit your blog if you left your blog’s link below. 🙂 Have a nice Saturday night..

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