First Time Cooking: Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast

Posted on March 23, 2012


I need a bit rest and delicious food. 2 days ago, I bought chicken cordon bleu from my school’s bazaar, though it’s not that tasty but I want to make it. Plus, my sister, Kiza wanted to make it so much. So with the help of my mama, we made this. But it’s not a normal chicken cordon bleu. It’s just chicken contained cheese inside it, cheese stuffed chicken breasts. This is our first trial but I satisfied with the result.

I found the real delicious recipe of chicken cordon cleu here, but the problem is we don’t have enough ingredients. So, instead of making delicious chicken cordon bleu, we decided to make a simple cheese stuffed chicken breasts. We combine the recipe from with the ingredients we have. I believe we could cook more delicious cheese stuffed chicken breasts in another time. But this time, I think it’s enough.

For the ingredients we used and steps: Chicken breasts, of course, fillet it and make a little slice in one side (kind a bag, so you can fill it with cheese).

Milk, salt, pepper, chicken broth powder, mix all of them into a large bowl and soak the chicken on it. We soaked the chicken for about 1 hour.

After that, we added the cheddar cheese inside it and sprinkled the chicken with bread crumbs and fried it in a low heat until it’s golden, and violaaa..

I think, dip the chicken in egg too before sprinkle the bread crumbs will be okay. This is quite easy to try, and we’ll try to make it again in another time. Next time will be more tasty than this. And of course, next time I wish I could make the real chicken cordon bleu.

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