Grown Up As A Swan

Posted on March 8, 2012



talent: Nakesha Aura P. J.
photographer: Nazta Saari
EOS 550D 42mm ISO-6400 f/5 1/25 sec.

When I attended University Day last weekend, I met some of my friends and I realized something has change. They are all grown up and suddenly I remembered about fairy tale, bedtime stories that I’ve heard long long time ago. I remembered my mama told me the story about the ugly duckling who is grown up as a charming swan. I think, my friends, all of them grown up as what happened in the stories of the ugly duckling. What I said is not that all my friends was ugly, they’re all beautiful and gorgeous but now they grown up and being someone even more gorgeous than before.

I don’t see any specific differences of mine. Maybe that’s because I see my face almost all time, but when I talked about this with my friend, they told me, that growing up is not about physically, not about being more beauty but growing up is more complicated than that. It’s about how we behave and the way we think about something that has been change. They told me that though there’s no differences at all, your mind sure grow up. It’s like when someone gives you money, when we’re a little kid we might will run to candy store and spent it all there, but now when you got some money you probably will save it or buy something you need the most. That differences called grown up. Talking about growing up I felt when we’re grown up everything seems to be more complicated.

I still remember how I liked the story of Peter Pan, the only boy who will not grown up. And to be honest I still love the Peter Pan’s story. One day, I thought it will be nice if I lived in Neverland. I wont grown up, there’s no assessment, I don’t have to think about my problem, I don’t have to work at somewhere I don’t know, all I have to do is just play and play and play and play. But this is a life, I lived in something called real world, I grown up, I’m mature enough to divide what’s bad and good things, I have something called responsibility, and I must do what am I responsible for.

The last time I said to my friend I wasn’t grown up as a beautiful swan, they said I was wrong. Everybody in this whole world have their own beauty. And again they said that beauty comes from knowledge and behaviour instead of makeup you wear. I totally agree about it.