University Day 4: Oh-My-High School

Posted on March 5, 2012


High school seems to be the best study-time I can remember. Laugh and tears, friendship and lover, homework and assignment, teacher and punishment (why do I put teacher together with punishment? well.. suddenly I have no words to explain it :p ). Every year, my high school, SMAN 1 Cibinong, held a public event in school which is kind a education fair combine with music performance called University Day. Yesterday, on the 3rd and 4th March 2012, SMAN 1 Cibinong held their 4th University Day. There, people like parents and students can get more information about university they want. Some University in Indonesia will gave their presentation and build a stand so people can ask them for the information they want to know.

Alumni like me always utilized an event like this to visit our school and meet the teachers. I really happy to be there and met my teachers and friends. We take pictures, chit-chat, and did almost all things we used to do when we were in high school. When I met them, I felt like I miss them a lot, I remember when I was in senior high school I wasn’t really good at PE class but my friends in Language Program helped me. They taught me how to do it well without hurting my back. They know me, accept me, and there I felt like they’re my 2nd family. My friend, Ida helped me take pictures there. Here’s some pictures we’ve taken there.

Nadhil, Afi, Kristy, Ms. Elis, Chintia and me. Ms. Elis was our English teacher.

we also take pictures with our math teacher, Ms. Neneng Juarsih

this candies and 'jajanan pasar' always makes me want to eat more and more

this was taken in the 2nd day. Prisilia, Icha, Noer, Nadhil, Yustira, Via, Noni, Devi

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