Photo: Anak Payung

Posted on March 5, 2012


A N A K   P A Y U N G

 location: The Jungle, Bogor
 photographer: Nazta Saari
 EOS 550D 53mm f/5 1/4000 sec.

Remember my post about my holiday with Kiki, Fetti and Dara in The Jungle, Bogor? Yes, This picture was taken when we were in our holiday there. It was little bit rainy and cloudy there and kids like this little girl was there. It wasn’t just one or two kids, there’s so many kids, brought their large umbrella, running around us and asked whether we wants to borrow their umbrella and pay them for it or not. This little girl was around us when we parked our car. Normally, they would ask us “Umbrella, Miss?” but she’s not. She just kept looking at us while we were busy chit-chat and walked without even recognized she’s there. She looked at us like she wants to join us. When we wants to go home, she’s still there with some of her friends, they still in their uniform and from there I knew she was in elementary school. My friends sure recognized her, even Fetti said “didn’t she’s there when we just arrived?”. I like her eyes, she’s blushing, run and glanced at us when I shoot her and take this picture.

Kids and people like her usually called ‘Ojeg Payung’ in Indonesia. They lend their large umbrella and take us into places we wants when rain comes, we paid them for it of course.

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