Posted on February 16, 2012


Yesterday, my friend when I was in junior high school, Devi went to our house and spent night here. I was really happy when she’s here. Usually when holiday came I always spent it all alone in my house. My mama and Kiza will not at home which means that I will be alone. I always told Devi anything I want to since we were in junior high school. We always did anything together, she’s my close friend. She promise she’ll back for next Sunday and will stay for several days in out house.

As I promise, I will list some ‘to-do-list’ on this holiday, though I haven’t make it yet but I already have some plan. Tomorrow, me, Kiki, Fetti and Dara will hang out together as what we planned to do, we will go to Ghost House, I have no idea why they choose to visit such a scary place like that and I don’t know exactly where it is but I’ll go with them. While next Monday Devi will come, also Natalia and maybe some junior high school friends, we’ll cook, chitchat, taking picture and so on. For the next Thursday, 23 January 2012, InsyaAllah me and some friend such as Rizka, Oky and Riyan will go to Bandung, just for 1 day and the rest day I have no plan except learn how to cook and read all my books.

I really want to make something delicious and give it to all my friends. Unfortunately I can’t cook well, the best thing I ever cook is only pasta and it’s very very very easy. All I have to do is just boiled the pasta (spaghetti or macaroni) and pour out the sauce with meat inside the sauce to the pasta and it’s done. It’s always been delicious since it’s instant pasta :p . Well today a bit different. I cook something with the help of my mama, it’s dumpling. Mine is a simple dumpling with carrot, shrimp, and chicken. I chop all the ingredients, stir it and steam it until it’s finish, meanwhile mama made the sauce. I got the recipe here (it’s in Bahasa Indonesia). At the beginning I thought it was really hard. Cutting chicken is not as easy as I thought but the good news is I like it. So I decided to try another recipe and if it’s delicious enough I will give it to my friends :))

my first dumpling. It's tasty! though I think maybe I pour too much pepper but it's still delicious :9

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