Welcoming Holiday: Hello Childhood

Posted on February 11, 2012


It’s been loooooooonggggg time since I posted my last post. Busy with my examination can be the classic excuse but at this time I swear it wasn’t the primary reason. I was a little bit confuse what should I write here. There’s nothing I want to share, I mean there’s something but I just don’t know how to start it. Lately, I felt little bit worried plus afraid and confused, but I have no idea what does it for. So I decided not to post anything for a while.

Several days ago I wanted to post about my friend, Andi. It’s been a month since the last time I met him. He is one of my childhood friends. Long time ago, he was a super fat boy, bossy, easy going and cutie boy. He is grown up, like others of course, now. He is an awesome lazy boy, still easy going and bossy, but now I admit he is handsome and what should I call him? stout? Oh God I wish he never read this post! Me and Andy and our friend, Dian always spent our childhood together. bicycling, played hide and seek, chit-chat and did whatever we want until one day I have to moved out the city to Bogor. It was really sad because there’s so many memories there. I sad because I might not met them anymore, not only two of them but all of my friend. Lucky me I met Andi again in senior high school, he was my senior there. He recognized me first and that’s make me so happy. A month ago, I met Andi and Dian in Plaza Semanggi, though it wasn’t a long-time-meeting I was so happy to meet them again.

Beside Andi there’s Kiki and Fetti. Both of them are pretty girls who spent childhood together with me, we are friends since first day we were born! Seriously, I’m not kidding about this :)) Since my family moved to Bogor, we met only once or twice in a month it was really sad. Fetti now go to a college in Surabaya, meanwhile me and Kiki still in Jakarta, but we’re all have our own activities. You know Kiki, right? I always posted picture of her, she’s the girl in the picture ‘Blue by me’. Some people said we look alike each other, some said that we’re twins but we’re not. This holiday we set a holiday plan together. It’s culinary and trip to Bogor. I know we already in Bogor but we haven’t gather and hang out together for a long time and I can’t wait until that day.

So for this holiday I will spend it with my friends from college, childhood, senior and junior high school friend :)) I think it would be nice since I always spent my holiday just at home, movie marathon, all alone.

I’ll post my holiday activities later, now I want to share my childhood photos with Kiki and Fetti. :))

Have a great holiday, you guys 🙂

p.s. I’m really sorry for my bad English. I didn’t practice well recently 😦

this is me and Kiki play bicycle together

Kiki was a year younger than me, she's at the same age with Fetti, I'm the oldest from 3 of us. Sadly this photo was taken when Fetti was't in the earth yet

this is one of hang-out-photos of us. Dara, Kiki, Fetti and me

take a look at this picture and tell me if we are really look like twins :p

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