Trip To The Past: Guitar Course

Posted on January 19, 2012


C – 3 1 5 , O U R   F I R S T   C O M P A N I O N

guitar: Yamaha C-315
photographer: Nazta Saari
EOS 550D 36mm f/4.5 1/13 sec.

They said, music is universal language, and I guess I’m line with those who said that. But this post is not about how universal is music in this world but how I miss music so much!

If you read my older post, many time I said I learnt music especially guitar and piano. I love both of them though I have special affair with guitar (so sorry piano, if only I can bring you anywhere I want, I think I’ll like you more :p). At the first, actually I took vocal course when I was in elementary school, but I don’t think I like to perform as a singer. I like the way some people called me a guitarist. But that doesn’t mean that I hate singing, I like it too, I sang a song and record it, even sometimes I post it to my blog.

The place, where I learnt guitar and piano, I got so many things I couldn’t and wont forget or regret. I got something new, friends and teachers, which they’re all great and friendly, I got experience, I joined student concert every year as a guitarist of course, and the most is memories.

Yesterday me and my friend, Laras visited our course place. We’re all resigned since about 2 years ago but we still in contact with the teachers, front officers even internal officers. There we met Kak Ijul and Kak Sodiq, and of course our lovely sister, Mbak Novi. We shared everything with Mbak Novi. There’s many things changes there. The place is bigger than it used to, some teachers has resign (so sad heard that Kak Eddy, our CK and Kak Ivan, the vocal teacher was resign, but I’m glad to know that Kak Ivan now work as music teacher in my high school :D) Mbak Novi now have baby boy (She promise to bring her baby boy so we can meet him :D) and so many things.

As always, me and Laras have a little trip in that place. We walked around from one to another room and took some pictures, and of course we played those music instrument in every room together. That was really fun.

Every room told us different story. Like piano room where I used to learnt piano with my teacher, Kak Bowo. Guitar classic room, where me and Laras learnt guitar. I remember we used to be at the same ensemble group for student concert, it was guitar acoustic group that contain about 4 to 6 person, though the room is small (maybe around 2,5m x 2,5m) but Kak Wendy, our teacher, used to gather us there and practice together. Can you imagine that? We used to open the door and some of us might sat in front of he room. But that was really fun. We visited another room too, like electric guitar room, violin room, vocal room, keyboard room, but unfortunately we didn’t visit drum room because there’s a class there at that time.

Though me and Laras learnt classic guitar (plus me learnt piano) we learnt another music instrument too by ourselves. Like drum, when there’s no drum class which mean the room is empty, we used to get there and play it. So when we’re in violin room yesterday, though we can’t play violin but we know how to hold it, and played it a little. Laras played Do-Re-Mi song and Cicak-Cicak Di Dinding (one of most popular children’s song in Indonesia) with violin, it sounds weird, but I like it. It refreshed me, it somehow push my stress out and I wonder when we’ll doing it again?

I really miss that things. I miss the time where I went to that place, sometimes brought my guitar together with my by public transportation, played guitar or piano in about 30 minutes and went home. I miss the way my teachers said that I was too slow or out of tone, or maybe a little conversation we had in class. I miss those things. Then when I arrived home, I fill my list with another dream: being a music teacher there. I love music, I love that place.

Well, that’s all. I posted 2 photos in my tumblr last night, and now I want to study for City and Guilds exam tomorrow, I wish it would be easy so I can pass it with ‘first class pass’, so I have to practice a lot! have a nice day. 🙂