Be Brave, Hey You! :)

Posted on January 7, 2012


I spent my time watching two movies tonight with my sister. It was Step Up 2: The Streets and The School of Rock. I wont talk about the summary or movie review this time, I want to tell you about what I learnt from those movies.

You know everything is stand for a reason, and every reason, I believe, have message behind that. I studied communication and I know when someone keep silent it doesn’t always mean that he/she has nothing to be told. It was non-verbal communication, message that deliver with no words, no letters, unless your expression and body language. I think music and movie sometimes (not sometimes, I mean always) has a message to be delivered. Sometimes in verbal communication and sometimes in non verbal communication.

Let say, there’s a part in The School of Rock when someone name Tomika decided not to sing in the audition because she think people will laughed at her, she has no self confidence because she’s fat. But Dewey convinced her, she’s got the talent, she has something that everybody wanted. And that’s true, I believe there’s no body perfect in this whole world. We don’t need to look upon our lack, because we have excess that sure will be our weapons. From this movie I learnt that we need to be brave to show our identity up, and we don’t need to be perfect to be what we want.

Step Up 2: The Streets sure gave me another lesson too, there’s a quotes I kept in my mind “Don’t give up, just be you, because life is too short to be anyone else”. As I told you in many of my post, just be yourself. God gave you things that other people didn’t have because it’s the best for you, it’s only for you, and it depends how you improve it, how you use it. Even identical twins still have a different, right? Again, I saw everybody is different, they’re in the same destination but they take different way.

Basically, people don’t have right to judge us, because they don’t know us, they never been in our life. Again I learnt, to be brave and proud of what we are.

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