Another Exciting Day, Photography Task Done!

Posted on December 30, 2011


Hello there, Did you enjoy your holiday? Well, it’s still holiday, and we’re going to close this year by tomorrow. How will you celebrate it? I don’t have any plan to spend my new year’s eve. There’s a little party in Alvian’s house but I still confuse whether to go or not. Last new year’s eve I spent just in my little room, read novels, blogging and browsing, and when I got bored I turn the TV on watch new year’s eve concert there (almost every channels has closing year program such as new year’s eve concert in Indonesia).  About two or three years ago, friends and family of us celebrated new year in our house. We did barbecue, chit-chat, sang a song, prayed together, said our pray and wish for the next year, and we always had fireworks and something noisy. But I told you now is different, I don’t mind about it, as long as I still with my mama and my little sister, Kizza.

I will decide my plan soon, but first, I must finish my tasks, there’s still 2 tasks left. Accounting and religious paper. I wish I could finish it as soon as possible.

A couple days ago me, Rizka, Oky and of course Rizka’s boyfriend, Riyan (unfortunately Novi can’t joint us, she’s on the way to Bandung that day, I wish wherever she was, she could also finished this task) did our photography assignment, and now I want to show you some picture I got there. We didn’t make the ‘right’ time. I mean, we capture it at about 7 pm, and it’s dark. My lecturer said that it will be nice if we capture it when sun sets, so there will be like a twilight but there’s building light or something. But the pictures I got is great since it was my fist cityscape picture. I’m so excited I done it and I wish you could enjoy the pictures and again, Have a great holidays 🙂

A   N I G H T

photographer: Nazta Saari
EOS 550D 18mm ISO-125 f/5.6 2 sec.

you see that shiny-little statue behind the fountain? it's Monas (Monumen Nasional) one of most visited place in Jakarta. Symbol of the fight for Indonesia's independence. You should go there one day 🙂

A   N I G H T 2

photographer: Nazta Saari
EOS 550D 29mm ISO-2000 f/5.6 1/8 sec.

my favorite!


photographer: Nazta Saari
EOS 550D 21mm ISO-3200 f/5.6 1/6 sec.