22nd December 2012: Incredible Day

Posted on December 24, 2011


2 days ago, me and some of my friends went to some places to finish our final photography’s task, environmental portrait. It was exhausting day but I really enjoy it, it’s fun. Our primary destination was to finish our task, visited some places, take a picture, of course we asked for permission first if necessary, lunch together, and at the end, at about 3pm, we’re all finish our task. Me, Oky, and Novi are really thank full to Rizka and her boyfriend Riyan, because without them, we don’t know how’s the task going on, maybe we would finish it at late of night or worst we couldn’t finish it. But they really help us, not just took us to the places, but they helped us in taking picture and have fun too.

Five of us was having a good day that day. For closing of our extraordinary day, Rizka and Riyan asked me, Oky and Novi to join them, watching Mission Impossible on theater. That day was so amazing. I went home with Novi, arrived at about 8pm on my grandmother’s house, and that’s how the incredible day ends. We finished our task while we having fun. Trust me, if you do your homework in happy feeling, with awesome people surrounding you, and do that in relax time, you’ll finish it without knowing that you’ve just finish it, I mean, come on, you will never felt like your task is your load with a good condition like this. So, enjoy your task, you’ll finish it.

Thank you Rizka, Riyan, Oky, and Novi, you guys are rock! You know that day was the greatest day I ever had in semester 3. I hope we can do something more than that another day.

Okay, now I’m going to share some picture we’ve take that day. Enjoy. Have a good day, good weekends, and for those who celebrate, merry christmas and happy new year 2012 🙂

let me introduce my lovely friends Oky (the one who hold the comb) and Novi (the prettiest chinese girl)

I got this from Rizka's FB page, our 'Mommy' and 'Daddy' Rizka and Riyan, doesn't they look good together? 🙂


p.s.: I’m sorry I can’t share my ‘real’ picture for photography’s task, but as soon as I collect it to president class I will share it. This time, let it be a little secret 🙂

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