Loving Your Parents

Posted on December 12, 2011


Monday is full tears day ;(

Today, we had sociology class, it’s already 3 weeks we shared our story in front of the class and every Monday, there’s always one or two stories that success made me cry. My lecturer have a bit strange way to give us mark, and since 3 weeks ago, we should told our story, an inspired story that might change our lives. The rule is simple, we should tell the story, it can be the whole story or maybe just part of them, the story must contain a good message inside it. We can cry if we want, laugh or do whatever we want to do. I’ve done it last week so today I just listened to my friends’ stories.

There’s one story that makes me cry and sad today. It’s Amel’s. She told us about her late mother who passed away in 2009 ago. That story somehow remembered me about my late father. My father, as I already post long time ago, was passed away in 1 May 2010. I saw my father in his last breath, that day. When I knew that he’s gone forever, I felt like I can’t breath, can’t even think straight, I stepped in a hard way, everything in my life seems to be broken. And after that is the worst. My mother wasn’t stop crying. She day dreamed all day and that’s made me sad. Hard moment begun from that until now.

Amel said that she was afraid of something, She afraid her father remarried with someone else. She’s afraid it will hurt her late mother’s feeling and also she doesn’t want it. So do I. Sometimes I afraid my mom remarried and I have step father. But it’s not only that, I believe Amel felt something more than that too, as what I am, my life is change after my father pass away. You know, everything like our economic condition, relationship between our big family, or anything else is different now. And yes, it’s sometimes hurt me.

But lives must go on. I have to move on, learn from the past and move on. No matter how hurt I am, no matter how sad being left by father, all I can do is just give my best for mom and my little sister, Kiza. I don’t want them to be hurt. It is a must for me to make them happy.

For closing, Amel said that it is a must for you to love your parents. For every one of you who still have a complete parents, mother and father, love them as much as you can, love them in every single breath you breathe. Because once they left you, it’ll hurt you forever ;( I agree, I felt it too.

I miss my father so badly. I wish someday I could make my parents proud of me. 🙂 You should do that too 🙂

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