What Colors Are You?

Posted on December 6, 2011


T H E    D U S T

 eye shadow by: sibyl
 photographer: Nazta Saari
 EOS 550D 125mm ISO-800 f/5.6 1/20sec.

This photograph was taken a few days ago in my room. It’s not mine, it’s my mom’s. I’m not a kind of girl who can ‘draw’ their face and look more beautiful because it takes time and also I just can’t. Well anyway, but I still a girl, I like bright and pastel color, adore tiny, cutie, fancy things sometimes and so on like girls does. So does it, the make up! Though I can’t make up my face, but I like that thing that can brings colors to your face. You know, like those eye-shadows.

When you open it, there’s so many color on it. When I was on the 1st semester I learnt PAC (Performing Arts Communication) there I learnt theater where there’s also make up artist there. Although I’m not the one who in charge in make up but I learnt it too. From there I knew that every colors can make your face different. Like strong and dark color can represent you as the antagonist, or the one who have a strong characters. Or smooth and pastel and bright color that can represent you as the protagonist, or else you can say it as Cinderella? Pastel and smooth color like peach color can also make your face looks pale. That’s make up. That’s how color change your preference.

Think about the color, we also have our own color to represent us. Can be our trademark, personalities, or maybe something that can be an icon of yours. Allah create us in diversity, each of us have our own skill, ability, personality, that’s our color. We need an effort to make our color can be seen by others. By what? Practice as always 🙂 Just like those eye-shadow. You bought it, open it, there’s so many color on it, but as long as you don’t touch them, they’ll never be something beautiful, right? So you, make your color shines yaa 🙂